Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Inspired by Beth

Beth and I have been literally soaking up the inspiration around us here in New Zealand. From Christchurch to Wellington, Auckland and sweet little Masterton, we have been thrilled and joyed by the ideas around us!

Here are a few things I have been working on...

Drawings of Beth:

Photos of Beth:

Monday, 12 January 2015

Art Residency at Mt Bruce, New Zealand 2015

Currently I am on an art residency at Mt Bruce which is about a couple hours north of Wellington in New Zealand. Its beautiful here, the flowers are out and the calves and the mothers are roaming in the fields. We have visited little water holes, abandoned old bridges and dipped our feet into fresh water streams. To say the least, it has been a journey of beauty and inspiration. 

Here are a few photographs of my journey thus far of my studio corner...

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Locket of the heart

This is the final snaps of the locket I made in 2014 for the jewellery submission. I am very happy with the final results and I thought that these forest photos would most compliment the conceptual reasoning behind the work!

The processes of making my ecclesiastic inspired window locket

For my main project in 2014 for jewellery, I made a locket in the shape of a cathedral window. It took several months, working in amongst and along side various other projects. It it one of the most challenging and delicate processes I have ever undertaken but also the most beautiful and satisfying. The only thing I regret really in this project, was getting it gold plated. It has been made in brass, which still looks nice but doesn't have quite the richness of gold! I guess, in the end, nothing really lasts forever anyway!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Jewellery from the forest

This series of jewellery is inspired by eastern european folk lore and my fascination with Polish and European history.

Here is my artist statement from the diploma of jewellery I just completed:

Through the exploration of Eastern European and Slavic Folklore, my aim for this project has been to create a series of work that encompasses and discusses the notions of belonging. I am fascinated by the idea of perishing traditionand how this modern world has become consumed by the temporary and disposable. What happened to the beauty of culture and how tradition was imbedded into society with a sense of permanency?

As a first generation child of Polish migrants, I have focussed this body of work on the concept of the ephemeral. Through the process of exploration, I have consumed myself with the romanticism of Polish customs, folklore, history, mythology, religion (both Christianity and Judaism), music and traditional food in the hopes to rediscover the loss of my homeland. In doing so, my intention has been to focus on the juxtaposition between the temporary natures of tradition in this society against the strong foundation of Eastern European tradition, also binding with the idea of how metal performs with a sense of permanency.

In the processes of learning and making, I have created work that references many East European traditions and religious ceremonies. The two wedding bands of architecture represent rings that were used in Jewish weddings, where the bride and groom would be given bands that had small houses or synagogues on the top. However here, I have incorporated churches to reference Polish Catholicism and to also suggest the tensions of the two conflicting ideologies. Another example is the lantern, which symbolises the All Saints’ Day, a Catholic tradition where flowers and lanterns would be placed in cemeteries all around Poland to honour the dead. The locket of Ephemerality, which is the feature piece in this body of work, represents the sacredness of memory and references the rare locket buttons found in world war one that were worn by soldiers to hide miniature compasses for navigation. All these concepts focus on the idea of ‘returning’. Whether it’s through faith, light or even a compass. Through these objects and vessels, it has been my ultimate aim to gain a greater understanding of belonging in the hopes of finding and perhaps even returning to my European homeland.

Laying on the forest floor,
Sweet houses
of haunted nights appear

Here are my Jewish/Christian juxtaposition wedding ceremony rings.
They are both hand crafted and sawed out of sterling silver. The male ring (on left) has a patina finish giving it a darker appearance. The female ring is matt polished with a garnet tube setting.

Set: $690.00

Castles of midnight,
and church windows
In memory of the old.

Here is another close up of the male wedding ring band made from sterling silver and oxidised with a faint patina finish. Contact me if you are interested in a custom made ring, even for casual wear.
Custom made castle/church ring: $340.00
With garnet bezel: $390.00

Latest jewellery designs..

Cast fern frond ring in sterling silver (one off)

Amber and Sterling Silver Earrings
$130 each

Amber bezel, brass and sterling silver earrings

Little green amber bezel sterling silver triangle earrings
$110 each